An Illinois manufacturer of electronic sub-assemblies had seen foreign competition squeeze their market hard, with many competitors going out of business. Key customers had already switched to off-shore suppliers when the company was referred to Applied Strategies International, Ltd. and the Midwest Trade Adjustment Assistance Center. The manufacturer was looking for a way to pay for ISO 9000 consulting and registration that would help open new doors in the market for them. The ISO consultant they were considering referred them to the TAA program, and they were able to use the program to pay 75% of the cost of achieving ISO Registration, as well as some new CAD/CAM software to reduce their development and production times. These projects came along at the right time for the company, and they were able to pick up significant numbers of new customers. In fact, their sales went up by over $5 million dollars, and their employment grew by 6 full-time and 4 part-time workers. “Our ISO project helped land a big sale with a major motorcycle producer”, said company management.