Rolco uses federal program to turn import competition into spark of recovery

Rolco applied for Trade Adjustment Assistance after experiencing decreasing sales for its proprietary board game products. While working on a marketing project through TAA, Rolco became increasingly aware of how its expertise in multishot technology was a capability that it was offering to customers as much as the actual injection molding. This became a key piece of the message of the new brochure and the website and is now clearly a part of the Rolco overall marketing strategy, sales process and corporate culture.

Rolco’s new website extends its abilities to meet the needs of more customers by offering their products on both a retail and wholesale basis. The website has an online store to streamline the processes necessary to fulfill small orders and Rolco products are displayed to all potential customers in a more clear and professional way. The website is already growing a new customer base and it is evident that the focus on multishot injection molding is shooting them above their competition.

“Our Sales for this year are up 20%, even in this economy. The program helped us direct our energy towards a more targeted goal”, said Helen Olson of Rolco.